Online Solutions Algorithms In-service

Welcome to The ConvaTec Solutions® Algorithms Wound Assessment Program

Solutions® Algorithms for Wound Care is a set of visual guidelines designed to help general healthcare professionals assess those wound characteristics that affect subsequent goal identification and treatment. Wound characteristics, including the variables not included in Solutions® Algorithms, should be assessed and documented according to the individual institution’s policies and procedures.

This in-service module is designed to help educate health care professionals use Solutions® Algorithms but does not represent all components of the algorithms and should not guide patient care.

Solutions® Algorithms are based on currently accepted standards of care and are intended for use only as guidelines. The level of evidence supporting Solutions® Algorithms components and its clinical use can be found at Final treatment decisions should always be consistent with the overall goal of patient care developed from a multidisciplinary approach.

Introductory Statement of Invitation

You are cordially invited to participate in an exciting research project conducted through West Chester University of Pennsylvania. The purpose of this project is to evaluate use of this on-line wound assessment and treatment exercise program.

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We are sorry. This program has been developed for use by, and is currently only accessible for practicing, licensed health care professionals.